7 MOVIES THAT CHANGED MY LIFE (and why it will do the same to yours too)

Hello friends! I don’t know about you, but this past two months, I watched a ton of movies. Whether it’s from Netflix or going to the actual theatre, I was introduced to so many new film genres. I also went to different types of theatres during the summer, like the modern Cineplex to a small 30 seat one in the back of an old government building turned into a museum.

Okay now I feel like I 👏 am 👏 literally 👏 killing 👏 the MOOD for movies, like it’s supposed to be a happy thing but I turned it into an essay?? Now I’m rambling there you go Anyways, since this played a huge part of my summer, for today’s post, I’ll be sharing 7 movies that have changed my life! I know school started and all, but why not talk about movies? I haven’t really done a post like this in a long long time, so I’m quite excited to see where that’ll go!

Let’s dive right into a sea of buttered popcorn, shall we? *hup*

*some synopses are horrible and cringy, but just bear with me (I know the pain)

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Farewell April // sakura season + bookish frustrations // hope in humanity

Upon reflection, April has been quite productive.

Sometimes I feel like I have done absolutely nothing at all and then to later realize that I actually completed quite a bit?? I know – me and my thoughts… So many things happened this past month in both blogging and life, so I’m quite excited to sum everything up and squeeze it into a blog post.

Honestly, these are one of my favourite posts to do – we’re a third into 2018 I mean wow. There’s a lot of things I want to reflect and see what I have accomplished so far this year. The past few months I’ve been complaining talking about how fast time is going, and yes, I still feel that way!! But it’s kind of refreshing to bring myself back to “reality” 🙂

if that makes any sense

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REVIEW: If There Was No Tomorrow // lots of kleenex needed + devastatingly beautiful // #humboldtstrong

A more suitable title would be “If there Was (were) No More Tears for Me to Cry Tomorrow”

Haha my grammar tho. Back to the book: this has GOT to be one of the best and worst reading moments for me during my 1000 year of life. Yes I’m older than Yoda – don’t judge.

I haven’t done a book review in awhile – I know I said that I was going to do one in my February wrap-up, but you know me and I never stick to my promises *cries* Though I promise that this one is definitely going to be better than that ‘would-be’ post. I don’t want to spoil too much for you right now  so I’ll just shut up right now and stay quiet until later

Hopefully I can polish up my book reviewing skills aka I haven’t done this in forever *dances away*

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Farewell March // spring break + changes in life // spring saves sanity

So it’s near the end of March and my potato brain is unable to comprehend with that fact.

Like always!! Anyways: March went by really quick. Too quick actually. Where did time go I don’t know too 😅 This past month has been really hectic – I’m starting to get used to online school, and how to juggle that along with in-class school.

SO much happened over that past 31 days (wow I sound like a documentary).. spring break happened, gymnastics happened, and I got to see family… March was busy, but definitely better than February 🙂 I’m just hoping that my March recap will look decent tho 😂

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Farewell February // lots of new edits + life updates // revelations on my existential crisis

So February was… messed.

It’s that time of the month again when yours truly tries to wrap a month in a nutshell. SO many things happened this month; from school (ft. tests) to revelations on my existential crisis to the blogosphere, it’s been overwhelming. And when did 28 days pass so fast? I feel like every year it just gets faster, or is it just me.

Even though it was a *cough* crappy not exactly the best month ever, there was actually (surprisingly) some good and positivity!! So I’m pretty excited to see that and trryyyyy to focus on that instead of the negative.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? *hup*

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Review: Case Closed Vol. 24 | rants | fangirlerosis

Me ranting is never a good idea.

Right now I am internally screaming for 3 very different, yet apparent reasons, being a) this is my first book review on Free Perspectives, b) I love ranting and fangirling, and c) it’s about Detective Conan. 

If you don’t know what Detective Conan/Case Closed is, then *coughcough* HOW COULD YOU?! It is like the best thing ever invented arghhhhhhhhhhhh and I’m doing my first book review here about it arghhhhhhhhhh I love fangirling arghhhhhhh

That was too much

Did I overwhelm you with fangirling? Or is it my ranting? Or is it both? Hmm I question… If you have no idea what I am talking about, I highly suggest that you visit my dear old friend Wikipedia then come back. #shameless

I’m splitting this post into 2 sections – one is the actual review, and the other is the fangirl rant sesh.


  1. extreme levels of fangirling and ranting, precaution
  2. this post is ALL spoilers for the last part

But if you have not read this series yet, or if you are into my weird posts, or if you just don’t give a sh*t about it and think like “screw it”, then please proceed. With caution.

p.s: I’m changing the English names back to its original Japanese names; I like it better XD #selfish

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