10 Reasons Why You Deserve Love Just The Way You Are

For many of us, allowing ourselves to embrace the fact that we deserve love is a constant struggle.

It may be in a more romantic way, but it may also be with friendships and family relationships. Or, it may be more in a way where you find it hard to love yourself. There are many things that we may find hard in life, and sometimes we might need a little encouragement and inspiration to let us know that we aren’t alone.

Today, I’ll be sharing 10 reasons why we all deserve love just the way we are. Personally, I have struggled with self-love and accepting who I am for my whole life – I am even still to this day. With this post, I hope that I can be that smol bit of encouragement and motivation that someone needs out there 🙂

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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The Truth About Mental Health // #BreakTheStigma

Most of you probably already know, that advocating for mental health is something that is extremely close to my heart. I feel like this is often overlooked, stigmatized, used as adjectives, as well as romanticized. One of my main goals – aka why I started this blog in the first place – is to help break the stigma, raise awareness for mental health, and hopefully help anyone struggling with anxiety or depression.

My goal with this post isn’t to judge anyone – instead, I hope that it can give some insight on what it really is, and maybe, even hopefully helping someone on their journey to wellness, whatever it may be for them.

Note: I am not a mental health professional – I’m just sharing my beliefs and thoughts 

Before I begin this, I will be mentioning about some of the events that has been circling around the media. Reader discretion may be advised.

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December Playlist | Recent Obsessions of Life 2017 Edition | First Love?

Music is life.

Especially when its really cold outside and you have winter break. And you have 2 whole weeks to chill out. My winter break starts today, and omg this has to be like the best thing ever… I’m so tired XD

I have a “Recent Obsessions of Life” series, where I post about all my favourite moments of the month. I feel like just because it is the last month of the year, I should show some more love and reflect on the entire year, not just December. So together with my December Playlist, I’ll be sharing my Recent Obsessions of Life – 2017 edition.

Let’s get on with with the post 🙂

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I was gone, but now I am free

We have all woken up from the dead. Gone, from last summer, yet free, from this one. Last summer may be the worst one we had to endure. This one may be the most valuable one we can ever experience.

Yesterday I truly realized that there are so many people who love and care about me, and that I am really not alone. We were drowning, but we all pulled each other up.

Yesterday we took a deep breath.

Sensed the sweet taste of reality, family, and love.

May we be the light of our souls, others’ souls. Cherish the love we receive, the support we get. Let us guide ourselves to the life we deserve.

I was gone, but now I am free.





my life in pieces

My life is a puzzle; everyday is another piece, desperately trying to find where they belong, fit. Even though some can find their spot and click instantly, some pieces seem to take a long time.

I constantly search for what is right, what is wrong. I want to find peace within my soul. Some days its easy, but others… not so much. Sometimes I doubt myself. A bit too much, maybe. That piece of my life may just be standing right in front of its correct place in the entire, almost infinity puzzle. But it just turns itself away, doubting that it may never belong to anything. Anyone.

Everyday is a challenge, good or bad. Today I feel amazing, like that beautiful, confident girl I know that I can be. Tomorrow, I look at myself in the mirror and see nothing but a lifeless soul. Wishing to set itself free from all the darkness and struggles it has to face.


When in reality, there are an infinity other pieces around it, to support and love.

We may not realize that there are so many people who love us, body and soul. Most will only know how much they mean to someone, many someones, until they are really gone themselves.



Special thanks to:

Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Realize the Greatness in You

I am just a little speck of the universe – today I’m going to share quotes that have increased my self-esteem, confidence, and love for myself. I hope that this post can also help someone else. Let me know in the comments section if it did!

Quiet People have the Loudest Minds.png

Since I am shy, when I was younger I thought that outspoken ones were the best. We are all unique, so maybe I have something yet to discover.


leo tolstoy quote (1).png

We see our loved ones, romantic relationship or not, beautiful just the way they are. It’s the inside that matters most. A true friend, family member, or lover will see your true beauty even if you just woke up and your hair is a mess!


Just look at the image. Isn’t it calming? There are so much on the horizon for us to discover and pursue.

stars cant shine without darkness.png

Life has its struggles, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel, even if it takes you awhile to get there.

unknown quotes.png

We usually look at what we don’t have, but we don’t acknowledge and appreciate the things we do. When we open the tap, we expect water, warm and cold. There are many people who have to walk 10km to get to the nearest clean water source. Don’t forget they also have to carry the day’s worth of water back. Just writing this makes me look at the cup of water on my desk right now, and know that I should be so thankful I live in a situation where I don’t have to worry about that.

bob marley quotes.png

Simple: live life to its fullest.


george addair.png

We can’t let fear take us down. Life is too short for me to stop now. Yet, it is long enough for me to accomplish my goals and dreams.


With this article, I hope to help at least one person get through their hard times. If you are reading this and you are struggling with whatever you are right now – you can do this. You are stronger that what you think you are. Maybe you might think what I am saying right now is %$#@!*(&)6_+ (yes thank you I just typed it out while closing my eyes), one day you will look back at today, and you will see how much you have grown in so many ways.

Take a deep breath. You can do this.

Until next time,

Special thanks to Canva



Nothing to be ashamed of

I can’t do it

why can she


“what did you get?”

“just say it no big deal”

she gets A

is my B good enough?


she always looks better

why can’t I look that way too?

grow my hair out

’till it reaches half my back

do I like it?

those girls have it



they look so happy


is that whay I want for myself


just because I get straight A(s)

does that make me happy?

just because my hair is long

and I’m skinny

does that mean that I love myself?

just because I’m popular

does that mean that I am someone

who people look up to

as their role model,

because of who they are inside

and not outside?

everyone is different

you may want to be that girl

but maybe that girl wants to be you

difference is what shapes us

makes us unique

what would we be if we’re

all the same?

~ Kimberly