Liebster Award #3 + Awesome Blogger Award // answering intriguing questions + happy summer!!

Hello loves, and happy summer, everyone! I am officially on summer break *screams*, so I am really excited to be able to post more consistently and spend more time here in the blogosphere 🙂

I was nominated for the Liebster Award and Awesome Blogger Award by Anna @ Anna Pastelle awhile ago. She’s a great blogger, and her blog aesthetic never fails to impress 🙂 Be sure to head over and show some love!

Before I start, I’m so sorry about my unexpected disappearance from the blogosphere for the past week or so. I have been really busy trying to sort and figure out things. I really don’t like being irresponsible, so I apologize 😅 Now that summer is here, I hope that I’ll be able to go back to my blogging schedule and be more present in the blogosphere 🙂

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TMI Tag Responses // 50 Questions vs. 50 Weird Answers

Hello, my name is Kimberly, and I often have extremely weird answers to everything in life.

I was tagged by the amazing one and only Ryry @ OMGRyry to do the TMI tag awhile ago 🙂 Apparently TMI stands for Too Much Information but before I thought it was a tag dedicated to people called “Timmy” or something XD I’m currently drowning in homework and tests – many thanks and gratitude to Ryry for this nomination, but also reviving me from all this school related haze 😅

I did the Get to Know Me Tag a little while ago, but I hope that there will be a few questions that weren’t answered in that post or discussed in my About page. I’m quite excited to answer these questions, and I hope you’ll find this a decent interesting read as you delve into the intriguing life of Kimberly.

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7 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring // celebrating 2018 equinox + freebies

Though not a year goes by without spring, it’s arrival never fails to serve as a constant reminder of joy.

Honestly, I’m quite excited for spring this year; I have so much things planned, and I can’t wait to complete them all while “smelling the roses”. I still can’t believe that 2018 is going so fast – Where. Did. Time. Go.

After months of bitter cold evil weather (except for the warm blankets – those are good), the new signs of life are a nice of a change. So on that happy note, today I’m sharing 7 ways to welcome spring this year!! These are just some other ways to celebrate the upcoming season of spring; let’s see what wonderfully bland ways I came up with (I am SO original – save me)

Also in light of this new blissful moment of the year, I’m doing my first freebie giveaway! Stay until the end to find out what I have in store for YOU! ugh why am I so cheesy save me again..

don’t scroll down to the end at the mention of a freebie – I know what you’re doing aka I’m creepy and I can turn my head 360 degrees like an owl

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Get to Know Me Tag // self – reflections + facts you did not know about yours truly

Apparently there’s a lot of things I don’t know about myself.

Sometimes, I guess it’s only when I actually sit down and do some self-reflection. Which is also when all the ‘unknown’ comes out and slaps my face for not acknowledging them for the past 100 years??

A few days ago I stumbled across this tag post by Lindsay @ Lindsay Lovin’ Life and decided to give this shot! I had a lot of fun getting slapped answering these questions. Brace yourself for an extremely outrageously long post..

I apologize if your eyeballs will get mad at you after reading this

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1 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY // stats + your favs + shoutouts

So wow. I’ve been here for 365 days. I think.

It’s creepy to even think Free Perspectives, my beautiful potato child, is now 1 year old. How have I been alive for so long?? Why am I still here?? #EverythingHasChanged

So many things happened during this year; from starting to blog (duh), to going through those few months (and surviving XD) that COMPLETELY changed my life, I honestly still can’t believe that I am still here, now, typing this out. I have changed so much, the world has changed so much, and I have yet truly discovered who I actually am: a potato.

Okay I lied ~ no, so many things have impacted me throught out this journey, and one of them is definitely blogging. I can’t wait to reflect and look back at my 1 year blogiversary, because Free Perspectives is getting old, and 1 years old is definitely old.

Let’s dive right in because I CAN’T WAIT *hup* *belly flops*

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Q&A | Milestone Pt. 2

Hey! I didn’t plan on this, but on the occasion of achieving 100 followers, I have decided to do a Q&A! I found this really long list of 200+ Fun and Insightful Questions to Ask Anyone… this post is going to take forever.


Image result for when you regret your life choices gif
🎵 when you try your best but you don’t succeed 🎵


Basically, how this is going to work is that I’m going to list some of the questions I found, and I’ll answer them. Be sure to stick around for the freebies… YES that right! Freebies, we all love them, don’t we?

I thought that this might be a fun post to write and for you to read. I haven’t really done a post like this before so #sorrynotsorry if it’s awkward. Anyways, let’s dive right in.

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When life gives you back to school stress… you rant

So. School is going to start in a few weeks and life isn’t getting any better right now. Stress, stress, anxiety, stress, stress…

You see the pattern.

So on my first ever rant here on FP, I will just pour everything on here:

What I worry about:

  1. grades ( I want to get all A and B)
  2. tests, quizzes like always
  3. HOMEWORK; getting everything done on times close to perfection (am I asking too much from myself? i guess so)

So you see… I am a perfectionist assigned at birth. Which leads to being stressed constantly. Whereas I bully myself to the point of over stressing, which isn’t a good thing.

I know that ranting on my blog is basically next to uselessness, but here you go. Back to school is driving my poor brain crazy in all the bad ways possible.

Do you stress about back to school, and grades and everything that comes with it? If you are, you are sure not alone out there, my dear XD

Special thanks to:

Ethan Hoover on Unsplash