Finding Hope Even When the Sky is Falling Down // important announcements

As much as we may want it to, life isn’t perfect.

We make mistakes. Unexpected events arise. Things happen. I’m sure that there are at least one thing that happened in your life that you’d like to forget. That goes for me, too! We’re all humans, breathing, living, in the same world, aren’t we?

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Unrealistic Beauty Standards // social media, peer pressure, and perception of beauty // #torontostrong

In a world of social media, it’s quite hard to not unconsciously chisel away another part of our self esteem.

Nowadays, almost everything people my age talk about, is undoubtedly, social media – and oh don’t forget the filters, hon. When we talk about “beautiful-ness” (aka another word I made up), we often link it to celebrities, actors, Instagram-ers, SnapChat-ers… basically all of those people who always seems to be in front of the pack.

I’m not saying they’re bad – we all lead our own lives, and we should all respect that. The purpose of this post though, is instead of criticizing, I’d like to discuss with how us, the modern generation, are often pressured by these things. Social media is taking the world by storm, but it may be doing more harm than good.

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TMI Tag Responses // 50 Questions vs. 50 Weird Answers

Hello, my name is Kimberly, and I often have extremely weird answers to everything in life.

I was tagged by the amazing one and only Ryry @ OMGRyry to do the TMI tag awhile ago 🙂 Apparently TMI stands for Too Much Information but before I thought it was a tag dedicated to people called “Timmy” or something XD I’m currently drowning in homework and tests – many thanks and gratitude to Ryry for this nomination, but also reviving me from all this school related haze 😅

I did the Get to Know Me Tag a little while ago, but I hope that there will be a few questions that weren’t answered in that post or discussed in my About page. I’m quite excited to answer these questions, and I hope you’ll find this a decent interesting read as you delve into the intriguing life of Kimberly.

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1 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY // stats + your favs + shoutouts

So wow. I’ve been here for 365 days. I think.

It’s creepy to even think Free Perspectives, my beautiful potato child, is now 1 year old. How have I been alive for so long?? Why am I still here?? #EverythingHasChanged

So many things happened during this year; from starting to blog (duh), to going through those few months (and surviving XD) that COMPLETELY changed my life, I honestly still can’t believe that I am still here, now, typing this out. I have changed so much, the world has changed so much, and I have yet truly discovered who I actually am: a potato.

Okay I lied ~ no, so many things have impacted me throught out this journey, and one of them is definitely blogging. I can’t wait to reflect and look back at my 1 year blogiversary, because Free Perspectives is getting old, and 1 years old is definitely old.

Let’s dive right in because I CAN’T WAIT *hup* *belly flops*

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Dreamer Extraordinaire | Say You Won’t Let Go

Wrapping this year up has never been harder.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m not ready to let go of 2017 yet. Gosh, this year has been a road to wellness for me. 2017 was a win-lose both for me; I now know myself better – both good and bad, but that’s life, right?

Again, I’m also ready to start fresh again. A new palette with 12 new colours for me to paint with… I’m also really nervous for everything being new again. I fought so hard, but it’s ending, and I have to start fighting again. I’m not ready to look at my future yet, but I want to start fresh. Does that make sense?

Anyways, I thought that it would be a great way wrapping up this year with listing my favourite bloggers and their blogs of all time. These girls really have influenced me throughout my mere months of blogging, and whether they know my blog and I or not, they are the soul reason why Free Perspectives still is here.

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Dying on the Inside | Rant

Today has been the WORST, or one of the really horrible days for me. And I know that there has been a lot of positivity in my life, but and rant isn’t harmful, so that’s that. But before I go on an rant about my positively horrible day, there’s some actual positive things that happened recently on Free Perspectives!

Thank you all for the enormous support and love for my content and blurbs and pieces of my life.

Image result for winnie the pooh hug gif

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